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Hey, so this post is primarily about a method I use to remember what I've learned in books about personal development, and success in general. Hopefully this article and my little "hack" will help you. It doesn't matter how great an idea or project is, it's your mindset and actions you take that are going to […] Read More

Something I get asked a lot. I mean, almost every other day now, is "Barry, how do you get your SEO clients?"'s a tricky one to answer in one sentence, so I thought I'd explain here on the blog. Obviously there are tons of ways to get SEO clients, but here's how I do it. (and […] Read More

I see it on Facebook nearly every morning. Instagram even more so. I'm sure you do too. #hustle till I die #hustling for my dreams #grinding #burningthemidnightoil Right now, it looks like everyone’s a born hustler. Don’t get me wrong, I value hard work and “productive hours”, but this “hustle” craze deserves a bit of […] Read More

My Thoughts On Schema Ninja

So first up, what is Schema ninja, why am I testing it out, and why should you care? Some good questions I think! So let's get started. At the time of writing this, Schema Ninja hasn't yet been released to the public. I'm good friends with the creator, Jitendra Vaswani and since we first met […] Read More

There's a saying that really hit home with me a while back and that was; "Life gives to the givers, and takes from the takers" If you look around at the successful people in your life (depending on your definition of success of course), you'll probably notice that they ALL, help someone or provide a beneficial […] Read More