What is Domain Authority and How Do I Increase It?

I get a lot of people asking me about domain authority nowadays.woke-up-this-cpcp8r

In this article, I will be answering these following questions;

1. What is domain authority?

2. Why is domain authority important?

3. How can I increase my domain authority?

So to answer the first question.

Domain authority is a metric created by Rand Fishkin and his team over at moz.com (formerly known as Seomoz.com) several years ago.

“If you are not familiar with Moz, they gather detailed analytics on literally millions of websites, and have a wide range of subscription and free services”

The score ranges from 0 to 100, but is based on 40 factors or signals. As your DA score rises, it becomes progressively harder to increase this. Let’s just say that increasing your score from 0 to 20, is far easier than 21 to 40 and so on!

DA vs PA

Not to be confused with Page Authority (PA), DA can help increase traffic and gain higher rankings in Google’s search engine.

Page authority is another metric created by Moz.com. As Google indexed individual pages, each page can be treated as a single property and therefore, get’s its own metric. If for example, you write an awesome article and it goes viral (gaining tons of links and shares etc), you may find the PA dramatically increasing- however, this can drop over time if the article or page loses traction.

Checking Your Site

The easiest way to check the authority of your domain is with the Open Site Explorer by Moz themselves.

If don’t fancy paying $99 per month for their entry level subscription, you don’t have to. OSE is free for up to 3 websites per day, so it’s perfect for people who own one or two websites.

Once you’ve punched in your domain, OSE will do it’s thing and present you with the following metrics.

Domain Authority

As with this example, what you’ll find is your page authority is generally higher than your domain authority, because most of the links will be pointing to the home page.

Simple Way To Check Authority Of Multiple Sites

Install the Moz Tool Bar here.

This is a free plug in which gives you a handful of metrics with just one click.

Moz toolbar


The good thing about installing this toolbar, is you can quickly see the type of competition you may be up against when choosing keywords and/or a domain/niche.

How To Increase your Authority

As mentioned earlier, there are 40 different signals that will determine your score, however not all of this information is shared.

Here’s some things you can do.

Keep an eye on your score

Over time, your score will fluctuate, so keep an eye on it.

When you see it going up, check your back-link profile for these new links and try to get more of the same.

The cheapest and most reliable backlink checker for the price would be majestic seo.

 Analyze Your Competitors

This is a really simple way to see what links are working. Keep a list of your biggest competitors and the links they have pointing to their site.

Try to mimic these links as closely as possible, or even score some of the same links.

Keep in mind that some sites will block backlink checkers from crawling their sites so you might not be able to analyze everybody.

Create Awesome Content

I know it’s kind of rehashed and boring, but spending time on creating the best content you possibly can, is worth your effort. This will make people in your own industry, WANT to link to you and is your best chance of scoring some awesome links. If you think about how much it can cost to hire a link builder, sometimes just spending that extra hour making your content stand out, can save you money in the long run.

If you have extra resources, time and skills, you could also create an infographic or have someone create one for you. These are really popular at this time and can be another great way to score some links.

Network With Big Players in Your Industry

You might think that connecting with your “competitors” reduces your chance of earning a decent income. It doesn’t. If you have a genuine interest in your niche, and connect with big names over on Facebook for example, you might find them sharing your content for you. Again, making it super important to create absolutely awesome content.

Wrapping things up

So there you have it. Although there are tons of other factors involved, were ultimately looking at creating some decent links to your site and encouraging others to link to you. Just make sure you don’t spam your site with low quality links and expect your DA to increase- it won’t!

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Thanks guys and girls, hope you found this useful!

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