The Real Reason I Want You to Make Money Online

There’s a saying that really hit home with me a while back and that was;

“Life gives to the givers, and takes from the takers”

If you look around at the successful people in your life (depending on your definition of success of course), you’ll probably notice that they ALL, help someone or provide a beneficial service, in one way or another.

and the extent of which that person “gives” to others, is usually directly reflected in their own level of success.

So what’s my point here?

Well you see, the reason I want to help people make money online, is because people helped me before. I owe the universe something for dragging me out of that dark time in my life; more specifically, I owe “people” for teaching me.

That’s why I’ve decided to go completely transparent with my whole business on Seoclerks, and show people “step-by-step”, how to replicate exactly what I do.

Now I know you might be raising an eye-brow now with something like, “oh, listen to Barry, trying to sound like an angel, helping the people and all!”. But there’s more to it than that…there’s a few reasons behind me wanting to put this together for you.

So aside from the first point above, here’s why I want to show you how I created the business I’m running right now, so you can do the same.

(in no order of importance whatsoever, including the people)


After meeting Jitendra Vaswani of in Bangkok last year, I realised how powerful even one connection can be. Now this is a guy I really have admiration for. He’s energetic, and has a hunger for success. We’ve chatted on Skype since then, and it’s clear that we both have a common goal and can help each other get there much quicker, than if we were to try and go it alone!

p.s. He’s a much better networker than I am, check out his Youtube Channel Here, you’ll see what I mean (-:

I also met Kulwant Nagi of in December, and yet again, I meet someone who’s genuine, enthusiastic and with a real hunger for success. We wouldn’t have met, if it wasn’t for internet marketing and social media.

One interesting thing about this connection from a business perspective, was that when Kulwant ran an offer for Seopowersuite, I jumped straight on the offer and purchased through his link. He made money, and I was more than happy to buy through him. Simply because we’re friends, I needed another licence (Seopowersuite enterprise edition) and I’ve learnt something from him. We’re on common ground, and I think that’s a powerful thing when it comes to business online.

Check out Kulwants Youtube channel here. He travels… a lot! I think you’ll enjoy following him.

So networking, is one reason I want to show you my Seoclerks business with complete transparency, because;

A, it will help me network and possibly create financial opportunities for us both in the future

B, it will help me increase my knowledge, so I can then provide more value to people with less experience than me…

and so the circle of networking and helping each other continues!


If there’s one thing a lot of people have a hard time being, it’s transparent. Myself included.

That’s not to say I’m dishonest. Not at all. But being transparent in business, requires a bit of courage. After all, if you reveal “everything”, won’t all your customers just do the work themselves and your competitors copy and put you out of business?!?

It’s a worrying thought, and it still crosses my mind. But I have to keep reminding myself, of the opening message above.

“Life gives to the givers, and takes from the takers”

If I just “take” all the time, then eventually the customers will lose, I will lose, and so will my family. Not a good situation or a long term solution at all. I genuinely feel that if my customers are going to win and enjoy doing business with me for years to come, then I need to give them back as much as I can. You might already be a customer of mine. (-:

So, that includes showing customers the tools I use, where their investments are being spent (I don’t keep all the money I get paid you know) and where I am making improvements internally. On that note, the “transparency” also gives me a new vehicle to communicate with customers about changes in the business and service processes. Previously, this has been quite hard to do.

The Social Side of it all

This kind of relates to the networking aspect above. After all, what networking “really” means, is “making friends with people who share common ground”. At least I think so anyway.

So, with this training being completely free, I hope to attract people and Provide Value First, which is good ground for making friends.

As you probably know, I spend most of my time in Thailand, but I don’t spend it in hammocks on the beach, or getting drunk in bars (not all the time anyway!). What this ultimately does, is reduce my opportunity to meet people new people. Especially internet marketers and entrepreneurs. These are the type of people I connect with, and by providing a FREE series and insight into my business, I’m hoping it will be a strong enough pull, to bring in other like minded people and make things a bit more fun for everyone.

This brings me to another significant point, and that is;

“You become the average of the 5 people that you spend most time with”

So what does that really mean for someone like me?

Considering that I spend most of my time at home, I am set to become the average of the following;

1. Wife

2. Dog

3. New born baby

4 and 5. The 2 fish I have in the garden pond.

The future looks bleak indeed!

So… it’s important to me that I make more friends, and providing this type of training, should be a strong enough magnet for those good people like yourself to come in and see what it’s all about!

Building something great

I’ve wanted to put a course together for a long time now, but it’s one of those things which has been put off…over and over. I recently posted the following on my Facebook account;

“the irony of spending all day reading books on procrastination”

…and it’s true! I sat there on a Sunday, from 7am until 5pm. Just reading. Mostly books on procrastination and productivity. Just so I could put off what I knew I should be doing. Absolutely ridiculous!

So here I am, finally typing this out, with my book closed and me “taking action”

Becoming a Trainer/Mentor

Now what I have learned so far, is that training people online is hard. Really hard.

I taught people in real life, for over 7 years here in Thailand, and that’s a lot easier.

The reason I think putting together training online is harder than real life, is as follows:

1. In real life, your target audience is right in front of you. You walk in, you’re given a curriculum, told weeks in advance what level they are, and teach accordingly. Simple.

Online. Hmmm. You have to teach yourself how to recognise your audience, construct material around that, find your “voice” and stay consistent…oh, and all without saying the word “erm” too much, because that sounds crap on video!

2. In real life, you don’t have to learn technology. Unless you count the odd projector switch or whiteboard marker as “technology”.

Online you need to learn how to use technology (and fork up the money) so people actually receive your message.

Here’s some of the kit I’m using to put this training together for you;

Video editing– Camtasia for Mac

Audio– Irig HD Mic (and a crappy Chinese Lapel Mic that I shouldn’t have bought)

Screencasting– Camtasia for Mac

Visual– Nikon D3300 DSLR

Lighting– 64 LED Video lighting kit

Backdrop– My garden, the beach, the restaurant, my office, my truck, the gym, on a boat etc etc.

So aside from the technology costs and the time trying to get everything looking and sounding good, there’s also “me”.

Now like many of us, I struggle with weight issues, sometimes I feel tired, sometimes I need a hair cut, and sometimes I need a break. Plus I get self conscious. These things are amplified on camera, and audio…well, sometimes I sound like I’ve just woken up, even though in my head I’m feeling full of energy. That in itself, is a skill I’m yet to master, and I have total respect for people that get on camera everyday. It’s hard, but I’m working on it!

But enough of me now, is this training going to help you, specifically?

Well I really hope so! If you’re already a customer of mine on Seoclerks, then you’ll probably already know that I am currently the marketplaces top seller (I’m truly humbled). Maybe though, you’ll knock me off that position one day…who knows! (-:

So to summarise and answer the question…

Is this Training Going to Help You?

Yes. If you’re a complete beginner. I am starting from the very basics, via step-by-step videos and posts.

Yes. If you’re a veteran SEO. You won’t need me to tell you about SEO, but this will give you another platform to sell your services and generate more revenue.

Yes. If you want an additional stream of income that doesn’t effect your lifestyle too much.

Yes. If you want to streamline your existing SEO services business, by using the tools and processes I use to hack time and improve quality for your customers.

No. If you aren’t prepared to lift a finger. This is not a “push button” system, and it will take a bit of setting up. If you follow me though, I will show you how to get it running on 2 to 4 hours a week.

No. If you generally hate working from a laptop and detest evil, horrible money that can have a positive impact on your life.


So from now on, you should be hearing a lot more from me on this training.

If you want to jump into the email list now, here is the link.

You can also opt-in via the opt-in box on the home page on this blog.

Anyway, that’s 1800 words done for me here, so it’s about time I cut this post short. Thanks for sticking with me and reading this far, and I hope this clarified any of your questions.

BTW, You can also join the Facebook group “Barry Page Seo Powersellers” via this link here.

So thanks again, and have a nice day. I’ll speak to you soon.

P.S. If there’s anything specific you want to see in the training, let me know in the comments below and I’ll get back to you. Thanks!

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  • Brendan Kaboom March 16, 2016, 1:10 pm

    Awesome read Barry and can not wait to get started with all this! You are damn awesome bro!

    • BarryP BarryP March 16, 2016, 2:36 pm

      Thanks Brendan, appreciate the support!

  • Chris March 16, 2016, 1:14 pm

    Great inspiring article. I have also met some fantastic people in the past through networking and it is great to share ideas and learn from new people.

    Glad you are sharing your expertise with everyone; most would keep this to themselves. Look forward to reading more on your training.



    • BarryP BarryP March 16, 2016, 2:38 pm

      Thanks a lot Chris. Don’t forget to join the FB group (-:

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