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Internet Freedom

The BarryinSiam blog is based around 3 primary things. These are;

1. The lifestyle of an internet marketer- one of financial and physical freedom and how you can achieve that for your own life.

2. Seo and marketing – these are the tools and techniques which provide you with this lifestyle. This is a big part of the blog.

3. Mindset- after all, you’re not going to achieve anything if you aren’t 100% confident you can do it! I’ll talk about the obstacles I faced as I was growing my business. The times I felt like giving up, and what YOU can do to avoid “the burnout”.

How I Aim to Help You

If you’ve decided that “enough is enough” and you’d like to achieve true freedom and wealth (sounds cheesy I know), then I can help you build your own online business, from scratch.

As my primary business is marketing and SEO, the more “in-depth” posts on this blog, will be about exactly that. I will teach you how to rank websites, and get paid for it.

You can use these skills to rank your own websites, and create an online empire of “passive income” businesses, or provide services to others.

Which ever route you chose, the SEO and marketing skills that you will learn from this blog will make you money. Simple as!

Why is this Blog Different?

I actually do what I preach.

There are tons of b#llsh!t blogs about, showing people how to “make money online”. In reality, a lot of these people wouldn’t be making a penny if it wasn’t for their training course. The ironic thing is, that a lot of these people DO get rich. But only off the lie that they sold people in the first place.

My primary business is NOT to make money from this blog.

I will NOT try to sell you fad products or training courses whatsoever. Everything I share here, is genuine material, based on my own experiences as an internet marketer.

I aim to be completely transparent on this blog and if you’d like to follow me on social media, please do so. You can also contact me here, if there are things that you’d like to ask in private.

So Where to Now?

If you’re eager to get started with an online business in SEO and tell your boss “to do one”, I’d encourage you to start off with;

       The 3 Key Elements To Selling Anything Online

When I was building my skills, time was one thing that nearly killed me. Save yourself the trouble right from the start, and check out;

5 Productivity Tools That Will Help You Work Less and Earn More

If you are here to get your own website ranked, build an online business from scratch, or network with like-minded people, I hope to be part of that.

If you would like to learn more about me, and how I came to build my online business, read about me here.

Thank you, you are appreciated!

Best regards

Barry Page