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I get a lot of people asking me about domain authority nowadays. In this article, I will be answering these following questions; 1. What is domain authority? 2. Why is domain authority important? 3. How can I increase my domain authority? So to answer the first question. Domain authority is a metric created by Rand Fishkin and […] Read More

Since the first Penguin rolled out in 2012, there's been tons of updates- and with each update, you'll find people in forums all over the web screaming that "SEO is dead". Personally, I find this slightly comical...SEO isn't dead and as long as search engines exist, it never will be! If the search engine uses an algorithm to filter […] Read More

3 Simple SEO Case Studies

In this short post, I've listed 3 simple little case studies I carried out on different types of link building, and how they effect rankings. There's tons of people raving on about "niche related links", so although this post doesn't give us a full and clear answer, hopefully there are some take-aways for you here. If […] Read More

Speed Up Your Site With These 3 WP Plug-Ins

It might not seem that important, but making your site as fast-to-load as possible is important. Firstly, Google reward faster loading sites, so your keyword rankings can improve just by making a few tweaks. Secondly, humans don't like slow loading sites, and in fact, every second you lose can add up to a lot of […] Read More

How To Buy Expiring Domains With Real Value

So you've heard that expired domains are GOOD for SEO and rankings, so what are you waiting for? It's pretty simple. The domain is up for grabs on the Godaddy auction, and a quick check with a PR Checker shows it's a Page Rank 4- Woohoo, happy days! Well, if you get lucky, then you […] Read More