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2 Key Points From The ClickZ Live Event, Bangkok

Hey guys So a few months ago, a good marketing mate of mine sent me a message and suggested we attend the ClickZ Live marketing conference, in Bangkok this November (2015) I agreed right away. He paid, then billed me for 11,000++ Thai Baht...ouch! So like every decent husband, I didn't tell my wife how much I'd just […] Read More

When I left my job and slouched in front of my computer, I had no idea where to start. I was completely lost [and worried about the future] I seriously didn’t know WHAT it was I wanted to do. But I had to make it work. I was in a foreign country, scammed for everything, and completely broke. […] Read More

3 Key Elements To Selling Anything Online

Before you start creating content, think about your customers FIRST...always! Forget about "selling", or your own aspirations just for a moment. Instead, think about what THEY WANT and focus your energy there. What problems do they have? What does your product or service solve for them? What is THEIR end goal? Not yours! Chances are, that if […] Read More

If you're juggling your internet business between university, a job or family, then you need to get things organised. That's if you want to grow your business! One important thing I have learned through my own online business, is if it's complicated, it's going to some point anyway! I don't mean that we aren't […] Read More

5 Things That Make a Good Link

Quite clearly, if you want to rank in the search engines (likely Google), then you don't want "cr%ppy" links! No one needs to tell you this. But, how do you actually tell the difference between a quality link that's going to "rocket your rankings" TM (-: or a link that's going to tank your site? I […] Read More