My Thoughts On Schema Ninja

So first up, what is Schema ninja, why am I testing it out, and why should you care?

Some good questions I think! So let’s get started.

At the time of writing this, Schema Ninja hasn’t yet been released to the public. I’m good friends with the creator, Jitendra Vaswani and since we first met in Bangkok last year, Schema Ninja has been in development.

So what is a Schema markup

If you’re into SEO or affiliate marketing, then you’ve probably already heard of or created Schema markups for your website.

Those cool little star ratings under a website, that you see in Google’s results pages.

“Schemas” serve 2 or 3 main functions, they are;

1. Increase click through rate to your website from Google SERPS

2. Increase your website ranking position (which is a by-product of a higher click through rate – CTR)

3. Increase your revenue with a much more prominent call to action for every review/schema on your website.

Pretty cool right, well…here’s the problem

It’s a pain in the ass. This is how you’d normally get started;

You have to submit your site, choose the type of schema you want, fill in a lot of crap, create your HTML and then…submit it.

If Google don’t like (because of some mysterious criteria you didn’t meet), tough luck.

No fancy stars for you!

So what now?

Schema Ninja, that’s what

As I write this, I’m sitting in a Hotel in Hochi Minh city, Vietnam. It’s just past 8am in the morning, and there’s people doing Tai Chi in the park outside my window.

I’m heading out to explore shortly, but I thought I would give Schema Ninja a little try. At least I thought I’d install it and come back to it later.

You know what, I installed it, created a schema markup on an old post, and it was live before I’d even finished my coffee! WTF!

*BTW. It’s a WordPress Plug In. Super simple to install.

Yup. Done. Dusted. Live.

This has come at a really good time for me too. Basically, I am going to be reviewing software and the tools I use for my SEO business, right here on the blog.

Schema Ninja is absolutely spot on for my needs, and couldn’t have come at a better time.

Here’s what it looks like from the inside;

schema ninja review settings


and here’s that test run I did before I finished my coffee.



Schema Ninja Test run

So another thing that I liked about this plug in, was the fact that they’ve also considered it from an SEO perspective. The outbound links are all set to “no-follow”, so aren’t sending any undeserved link juice to other websites. Nice

Is this for you?

Another nice feature, is that you can customize all the fields, and create a review box for almost anything.

Hotels, restaurants, physical products, online service. Literally anything that you want to review.

Also, within the plug in settings, you just insert your affiliate link and hit save. Super simple.

So what are my thoughts on Schema ninja?

Definitely love the fact that it takes no time to set up.

Time is something we can’t buy back, so that’s what I value the most when considering new tools and software for my business.

If you’re on the fence, don’t be. This is a great tool that works flawlessly and I totally recommend it.

Check out my ratings below, created with Schema Ninja itself. Cheers!

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