How to: 3 [Simple] SEO Client Getting Methods You Can Action Today

Something I get asked a lot. I mean, almost every other day now, is “Barry, how do you get your SEO clients?”

Well…it’s a tricky one to answer in one sentence, so I thought I’d explain here on the blog.

Obviously there are tons of ways to get SEO clients, but here’s how I do it. (and how you can too)

I hope you find this useful and let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

p.s. What has that picture of me and a mountain got to do with getting SEO clients? Nothing. Nothing at all, but I like mountains. (-:


3 Simple SEO Client Getting Tactics (and something new at the end)

1. Marketplaces

One of the easiest (and least risky) way to enter into the SEO space, is via marketplaces. It requires little-to-no investment, and traffic is already there. Sweet!

As you might know, I’m Seoclerks top marketplace seller- that’s based on revenue generated and specifically in the SEO space. A lot of people brush off marketplaces as being for “cheap-charlies” and not worth the time or effort; when I show people that I’ve generated a net income of nearly $500,000 on that platform alone, they’re usually quite surprised.

Moral of the story- don’t overlook the client getting opportunities in SEO marketplaces. They can be absolutely huge!

Also note: When I joined SEOclerks, had no money to invest and just worked my a$$ off. Today, I’ve got an awesome team that handle most of that business. My time is now spent on developing new SEO services, staying up to date with the industry, and monitoring the rankings for thousands of keywords using Pro Rank Tracker.

2. Google Page 2

It’s pretty simple, but very effective. All you have to do, is Google a keyword and look for websiteson page 2 and beyond; those are the guys who are in need of SEO, and as they’re “almost” ranking. You shouldn’t find it too hard getting them to the front page (once they say yes of course).

For this method, just put together a simple email and let them know WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR THEM. Don’t start with who you are. That comes later.

To help seal the deal, you can even work on one of their keywords for free and then show them you can actually walk your talk. If it’s an easy-t0-rank keyword, all you’re risking is your time and maybe a bit of money. Either way, you have to make it as risk free for the prospect as possible. If you get that right, this is a great way to pick up new clients.

3. Prospecting Software

I’ve used a few prospecting management tools over the years. I’ve also BETA tested quite a few well known tools before release date.

One of my favourites is Buzzstream, and coming in close second, is Ninja outreach. Essentially, these tools speed up the client prospecting and keep everything neatly organized. Most people use these tools to acquire links and guest posts. In my opinion, it’s a better use of your time to try and secure SEO clients- assuming you sell SEO of course.

So right now, I’m also getting pretty excited about the release of a new SEO client prospecting tool created by Lior Ohayon and Todd Spears. You might have seen this following you around on Facebook already. It’s called Scopeleads.

Essentially, they have created a tool that completely automates client prospecting and requires NO COLD CALLING. Nice! I know this is a big problem for lots of people, and I hate it too!

I’m actively promoting it as their affiliate, as I truly believe this will solve a big problem in the client SEO industry right now. I will definitely be using this myself once it’s released on August 16th.

Basically, it goes out there and discovers businesses that are poorly optimized for SEO, adwords and even social media. Traditionally, this job takes hours of research and gets really tedious!

It actually does the prospecting for you too (using pre-written emails) and then follows up the prospect, based on clicks and response rate. A truly awesome idea and a big problem solver, even for myself.

So if you like the sound of “automated SEO client getting“, feel free to jump in the following group and I’ll send you the link as soon as it’s launched. If you DO decide to purchase through my link, I’m offering a free SEO service as a thank you. Once you get a new client, let me know and I’ll do the SEO for your new client! How’s that sound?

Or…you can use the free service for your own website; just let me know.

Click here to join the group and secure your Free SEO service (No obligation of course)

So, I hope these 3 simple client getting methods give you something to think about. If you have any unique ideas or want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment below. Oh and don’t forget to share this post! Have a great day!

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