About Me

My name’s Barry and I’m a 34 year old husband, “ex-Toyota mechanic/English teacher/Social support officer”, and today, someone who’s made a full-time living online for the past 6 years (I’m settled now, I promise). As you can probably guess, I spend most of my time in Thailand (Siam) each year, but the Wife and I travel back to the U.K once or twice a year to say hello to everyone as well!

Me with my serious “Beer Face” on!

My Avatar

Shockingly, I am a human being and when I am not building links, I like to relax with a German drop once a week with my expat-friends in Thailand. There I am in action on the left (-:

I’m not interested in “guru-talk” or squabbling over the latest “SEO-tricks” over at BHW or Warrior- I simply don’t have time for that. Instead, when it comes to finding out what actually works, I use my own sites, rank tracking, software, link building tools and networks. It’s fun and it means I don’t have to experiment on anyone else’s website either!

The 80/20 rule

Around 80% of my income is generated by providing link-building services and support for all sorts of clients from small, niche websites, to much bigger authority sites that generate sizeable incomes and often pay wages for people in offices.

Around 20% of my income is generated from my own websites, and small membership on my private “niche networks”.

Some of my main areas of interest/enjoyment online today include

  • Keyword research
  • Networking with clients and other marketers
  • Cramming my brain with as much up-to-date information about marketing as possible. (I’ll share all my best (free) resources on the blog when I can.

What do I do most of the time?

  • I offer mainly start-up-level Seo and link-building services over at Seoclerks, along with a few custom/more powerful services for those with bigger sites that already generate an income.
  • I spend time building out my own private networks which I use for my own sites and clients
  • I work on a handful of my own websites, posting content and monitoring rankings using the tools, software and techniques that I have accumulated over the past 6 years
  • I study as much about SEO and marketing as I can

Most of my clients either don’t have the time to do their own marketing, are in the business of outsourcing, or simply can’t justify forking out the money for all the tools, PR domains and software needed; just for a single website/business.

I have software and subscriptions that cost well into the thousands and over the years, have trained myself how to use them safely and effectively.

Why Did I Create This Website?

1. Offer something of value to my clients

Instead of just “building links” for my clients, I genuinely wanted to offer a better level of service that went beyond a simple pay-and-forget type of service.

Although this website will always be a “work-in-progress” due to the ever-changing nature of the internet, I hope there will always be a “take-away” from the content I publish here.

2. Create a communication channel/hub

The communication channels I have, makes like pretty hectic at the best of times. Skype, email, Seoclerks inbox, mobile phone, Facebook, Google PLUS etc etc. This site is a way for me to keep everything together, and also for my visitors to communicate between themselves.

3. Cater for a corner of the IM resource/training web which focuses on “low start-up” Internet Marketing

Summing Things Up

When I left my last “REAL” job (my boss was actually murdered, but that’s another story altogether), I went full-time online with literally nothing in my pocket. I made-do with every free resource I could find, and as I made money, I carefully reinvested in paid tools and subscriptions that could enhance the business I was desperately trying to build.  Although there is some amazing free training online, not everyone can afford to even get started with the tools needed for the “free training”. It’s almost impossible to build any business without investment and risk, but I aim to make these things as small and painless as possible!

Thanks for reading about me and what I have to offer.

I value every website visitor I have, and hope you take away something of value here.

If you would like to learn how to keep costs down, and build a long-lasting internet business, feel free to sign-up to my free newsletter on the right hand side.

Have a great day/evening/night!

Best regards